Looking for an exciting day out in Weymouth?

Would you like to experience something that has never been seen before?

Would you like a historical ghost tour, meal, and a theatre show that will leave you in disbelief?

We are calling out to all adventurers, paranormal enthusiast's and magic lovers, both young and old.

The paranormal experience of a lifetime is now available for booking in Weymouth...

Have you ever been on a ghost tour and thought to yourself “This is great, but where are the ghosts”? The answer is here. The Darkening is a paranormal experience like nothing you have encountered before. Not only will you visit a local area and attend a ghost tour in a socially distanced and safe environment, that will entertain you and inform you of the dark and macabre history of the town, but you will then attend a local haunted pub for a meal and drink, before heading to the theatre.


Once you have arrived, you will witness a performance that will demonstrate the power of the supernatural. You will learn about mentalism and the powers of the mind, witchcraft, occult practices, and finally, a clairvoyant paranormal experience where you will witness the impossible, leaving you convinced that the spirits have revealed themselves to all who are present.

Will you then have the nerve to walk with us through the haunted theatre, learn it's chilling history and finally face The Darkening?




The Darkening is a socially distanced ghost tour, meal, theatre tour and stage show that is designed to replicate occult and paranormal experiences. The show is the brainchild of magicians, and paranormal enthusiasts, John Elliott and David Days.


The ghost tour and factual elements of this experience are researched and we have made every effort to ensure this is informative and correct, however, we do not claim that any part of the performance is real, our goal is to make you believe what you are witnessing is proof of the paranormal


The experience will be available in several carefully researched towns, so for further information on when our next experience will take place, and for dates and pricing, please subscribe to our mailing list.


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